The results are in for the first Club Challenge. Thanks very much to all who took part and congratulations to Nix Briggs who won for the ladies in 6.08, and to David Cooke in 3.30 for the men … an epic time! Well done both!! If you would both like to PM me we can arrange for you to pick up the prizes. Full results attached.

As I move this forward I will start a handicapping system but until we have a few events done there simply is not enough data to do something meaningful.

It would clearly be great if we could get more of the ladies to have a go at these events.


1David Cooke3.30
2Ben Owers4.17
2Steve Scammell4.17
3David Duxberry4.38
4Paul Haddrell-Forth4.39
5Nick Hopgood4.40
6Chris Goodall4.42
7Mike Wareham4.53
8Steve Hoskins4.56
9Ashley Hollick5.02
10Mike Clease5.07
11Tom Kyte5.31
12Ben Cheal5.38
13Rob Rowe5.55


1Nicola Pearson6.08

The Challenge

July’s Challenge was Milk Hill Segment, details attached. Rider with fastest time wins, simple!

July Challenge
Rawvelo - Fuelled by Nature
Finely Tuned Ride