Club Rules

  1. We adhere to the British Cycling Code of Conduct and have full backing of BC if anybody breaks these rules.
  2. Officers of the Club shall be as follow: Chairman, Club Secretary (Vice Chair), Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Communications Secretary, Events Secretary, Ride Coordinator, Racing Secretary.
  3. Annual subscription fees for all members will be set at the AGM and will be communicated to the club for the forthcoming 12 month period within 1 calendar month of the AGM. (for clarification Membership will be from the 1st January until 31st December and the full annual subscription is payable regardless of the date a member joins the Club). For new members joining in the last quarter of the year (Oct/Nov/Dec), the subscription will cover through to the end of the following year.
  4. Any existing member, who has not paid the Annual subscription within 1 month of the renewal date (1st January), will be deemed to have resigned their membership.
  5. The Club will seek to promote awareness of cycling in the locality by provision for Organised Club Rides particularly at the weekends. Such rides shall start at a recognised start point and be advertised accordingly.
  6. When riding on Club runs, riders should: obey the Highway Code ( – Rules for Cyclists to 59 to 82), comply with relevant legislation, and ride in a safe manner which does not endanger other riders or road users. At no point must any member bring the name of the club into disrepute.
  7. Members should wear club kit, on designated kit day rides, and when competing under the club name.
  8. On club rides, it is every ones responsibility to look out for each other, and to make sure nobody gets left behind.
  9. For any ride to be deemed a club ride, it must have a designated lead approved by the club, and a ride brief must have been given by that lead before starting off.
  10. In the event the ride lead deems that due to bad weather or road conditions it is not safe to ride, the club ride will be cancelled. Please check with ride lead to confirm.
  11. In the absence of a ride lead or nominated group leader, the club ride will be cancelled. Any informal ride will not be covered by the club.
  12. It is the responsibility of every member to make sure their cycle is in good repair and safe to ride on the road. Always make sure you carry tools and tubes. You are advised to carry cash/cards for refreshments/repairs/recovery, and have considered the contingency of having friends/family member pick up if needed.
  13. You must wear an approved cycle helmet, and advised to wear suitable cycle clothing for all weather conditions.
  14. Any member who turns up for a club ride with an apparent faulty bike or inappropriate clothing, may be asked not to ride.

Updated following AGM 17/11/16