Due to the increase in demand, we have decided to increase the group sizes from 6 to 8. This is well within the ceiling set by British Cycling but will mean that 8 is fine when riding but when forming up and if groups stop for coffee then groups can no be more than 6 (eg 4+4 etc). If you have any queries, please get back to us. Please book through the button below.

Saturday rides have been posted, please click the link at the bottom of this post to book your place.

The ride times are 8.30am, 8.45am and 9am.

We have received feedback and several requests for the re-establishment of a ‘Pace’ ride so we have designated the 8.45am as a ‘Pace’ ride.

The below gives an overview of the expectation of those riding with that group.

Pace group minimum speed will be 17 mph, all riders to take a turn on the front of the group and the ride leader will oversee this.

If a rider cannot keep with the pace they must have to accept that they may have to be dropped by the group. Its perfectly acceptable to join the group and be dropped if you are trying to gain the fitness to complete the full ride but you must inform the group you are retiring from it.

Please also make sure you have the route on your cycle computer if you don’t know the area.

Routes this week:

Anti clockwise : https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1527252?units=km


Route map for Sat 1st May – Anti Clockwise by Devizes Town CC ( DTCC ) on plotaroute.com

Clockwise : https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1527256?units=km


Route map for Sat 1st May – Clockwise by Devizes Town CC ( DTCC ) on plotaroute.com

There will be no planned coffee stop but groups may well decide to stop if they wish and if this is the case, please remember the reputational considerations etc.

As we said previously, whilst it is apparently acceptable for clubs affiliated to British Cycling to ride in groups of up-to 15, we have decided to stick to 6. The requirements on Test and Trace still stand hence we are continuing to use Eventbrite to schedule rides.

In addition, also to remind everyone that if you, a member of your household or anyone you have been in recent contact with has a cold, flu or COVID symptoms, we ask that you do not join us on Club rides until after the period prescribed government advice.

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