Saturday 5th June rides have been posted, please click the link at the bottom of this post to book your place.

The ride times are 8.30am, 8.45am and 9am.

The 8:45am ride this week will be an intro/reintroduction ride and will be a different/shorter route to the 8:30am and 9am rides.

Following the mixed response and take up of the Club ‘Pace’ ride, we have decided to alternate the 8.45am ride between a ‘Pace’ and shorter, ‘Introductory/Reintroductory’ Ride. 

Routes for this week will be:
8:30am & 9am:
8:45am Intro:

8:30am and 9am groups :


Route map for Fairmile by Devizes Town CC ( DTCC ) on

8:45am Intro:


Route map for DTCC Intro Route – 25 Miles by Devizes Town CC ( DTCC ) on

Pace Group

The pace group aims to ride at a minimum speed 17 mph with all riders take a turn on the front of the group and the ride leader will manage this. If a rider cannot keep with the pace they must have to accept that they will have to be dropped by the group. Its perfectly acceptable to join the group and be dropped if you are trying to gain the fitness to complete the full ride but you must inform the group you are retiring from it.

Introductory/Reintroductory Ride

The Intro/Reintroductory ride will be shorter than the full Saturday ride, circa 25 miles at a pace to be agreed by the group. Hopefully, the title is self-explanatory and we welcome all members, particularly those who may not have ridden as much as they would have pre-pandemic but who wish to enjoy the benefits of a group ride, perhaps as a development pathway. This will be a group ride aimed ant encouragement and inclusion. If at all possible, routes will be set up so as to allow groups to enjoy ‘joint’ coffee stops.

If you stop for coffee, please remember the reputational considerations etc.

Group sizes will be a maximum of 8 but will have to split into smaller groups if you decide to stop for a coffee, e.g. 4+4. The requirements on Test and Trace still stand hence we are continuing to use Eventbrite to schedule rides.

In addition, also to remind everyone that if you, a member of your household or anyone you have been in recent contact with has a cold, flu or COVID symptoms, we ask that you do not join us on Club rides until after the period prescribed government advice.

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