August’s Challenge is a bit different, it will use the DTCC Strava Challenge 4 Course, which has been set by Paul Paradise and is 19 KMs.

The event will close on the 5th of September.

Start / Finish point is the little layby on Pewsey Road (Horton, top of the All Cannings climb / T junction).

Challenge 4 Start / Finish Point

This time the course has to be ridden as a team of two, one member must be female and only one member of the team has to be a club member.

Team members can ride in as many teams as they wish and time will be taken from the slowest rider in the pair, the aim obviously is to keep together and work as a team.

Prizes will be the same as last month but we will use a lottery system, great suggestion from Tom Peart. Every rider taking part will be given a virtual lottery ticket, the winners will be issued two tickets each. After the event is complete a draw will be made and two winners selected from all the entrants. The prizes will be the same as previous events.

The rules:-

  • No TT bikes
  • No disc wheels
  • No clip-on aero bars
  • No TT helmets

Please post your times on/by the 5th of September 2021.

You can view the segment on Strava here :

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