April 2021 Challenge Results

Congratulations to Tom Peart who did the course in an amazing 20m 02s, and Nix Briggs for the ladies who did it in 25m 59s. I will be in touch to get you your prizes. Great efforts from all, full results attached, a massive thanks to everyone who took part.

 Male RiderTimeFemale RiderTime
1Tom Peart20m 2sNicola Pearson25m 59s
2David Cooke20m 41s
3Chris Goodall22m 8s
4Ashley Hollick22m 27s
5Steve Scammell22m 49s
6Graham Townsend23m 13s
7Steve Hoskins23m 28s
8Mike Wareham24m 1s
9Chris Combe24m 5s
10Dave Denny28m 33s


Rawvelo - Fuelled by Nature
Finely Tuned Ride